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Election Day 2012

M. Ricks rocking a thrifted blazer and skirt combo to the polls on Election Day where she was able to cop the hottest accessory on the streets — an authentic “I voted” sticker. There’s only one way to get one of these bad boys and they’re so hot that you can’t even BUY them in stores. You might have to wait in line like they’re the freshest pair of the newest Jordans, but they’re even hotter than that. The only place to get one is at your nearest polling place. But don’t sleep. If you don’t get your sticker today before your polling place closes, it will be too late. Sorry no rain checks.

We here at Too Thrifty Chicks love to look good for less. But you know what we love even more? Civic responsibility! We don’t care for whom you vote, but please make sure to vote. Today. Like as soon as you finish reading this post.

As a citizen, native or naturalized, it is your right to register to vote, and it is your responsibility to vote whether you do it via absentee ballot, early voting or standing in the longest of lines on Election Day.

No matter what anyone tells you, your vote matters. And if for some reason your candidate doesn’t win, stay engaged. The person who does win is still YOUR representative. That means it is your right and your responsibility to hold every elected official accountable.

It doesn’t matter the party affiliation or personal belief system, when they are elected and make decisions that affect YOUR life they should be expected to be held accountable to YOU. Why? Because once you take office you no longer just represent the politics of the people who elected you. You represent ALL of the people in the geographic area that you have been elected to serve.

For those of you who have lost your right to vote and are working to have this right restored — we see you. Keep up the fight!
— R&R

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