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Too Thrifty Chicks Take on Philly!


So we took our Thanksgiving show on the road to the City of Brotherly Love and we had a blast.  Prior to heading out for a Black Friday of scurrying around the city trying to find thrift stores, we stopped at a most amazing créperie and espresso bar called Rue 52.

We loved everything about this place. Really. What’s not to love?

Not only are the coffee and tea selections at Rue 52 beautifully blended, the food is incredibly well done. Reese arrived ahead of me. She had the caramel swirl latte and the massive, savory broad street run crépe which usually comes filled to the brim with turkey, spinach, tomatoes and ranch.

Reese subbed out the ranch for chipotle spread and it was delicious! The reason I know it was so tasty is because I ended up eating Reese’s leftovers in addition to my own yummy breakfast panini of mixed fruit jam and cream cheese. I had a chai tea latte that I will swear until I’m dead is the best I’ve ever had. PERIOD.

A diamond in the rough

But enough about all that. What really grabbed our attention was the art, decor and well thought out design of this spot. It is an oasis in a block that has seen brighter days.

Someone put a lot of thought into every detail of this place from where customers sit, to the dishes and cutlery to the art — the beautiful, glorious, local art that is for sale! We loved everything about this place and look forward to many happy returns, particularly since it is practically across the street from my aunt’s house.

We found one other coffee spot in the midst of our Black Friday adventures purely by accident. One of our thrifting rules is that you must hydrate. We often find ourselves parched after hours (yes, hours!) of thrifting. Reese apparently followed that rule a little too well and we found ourselves in need of a restroom — bad!

Since I was driving, Reese was on the lookout for a place to hop out and go to the bathroom. Just before she thought she would pop, she spotted a cafe called Black N Brew. Since you have to make a purchase to use the loo, we both got lattes — chai for Reese and toffee for me — and split a vegan oatmeal cookie. All we can say is that if Rue 52 and Black N Brew are what the city is working with when it comes to java and tea, Philly has officially ruined generic coffeehouse caffeine for us.

Now on to the thrifting….

We had a full day of thrifting planned but only managed to make it to our first destination, the Goodwill on Bustleton Ave.,  because it was the only place that we could find with our lack of knowledge of the city. But no worries. We had a blast as you can see.

It’s not the biggest thrift store we’ve ever been in, but there is a lot going on at the Goodwill on Bustleton Ave. and a lot to love. We left more than a little bit of what we loved behind but we will be back.

I went for furniture and Christmas toys for some of the little people in my life. Reese found a treasure trove of new, never worn shoes and cute jackets. A thing  that we are fast learning about Goodwill is that they have preferred customer and customer appreciation programs. Some are store-to-store, others are regional. Whatever you do sign up and save!

Until next time…keep it thrifty.

— R&R

9 thoughts on “Too Thrifty Chicks Take on Philly!

  1. You blog post was the motivation to my visit to “rue52” nice place, great food and great service. As a Philly native I’ve never heard o this spot. Thanks for the post as my taste buds were very happy with the latte and BSR CREPE:-)))


    • So glad you enjoyed it. We want to try everything on the menu and then throw a Too Thrifty Chicks Party there so next time you go, tell ’em we sent you!


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  3. Wow ladies! Gurls after my own heart! Next time you’re in the city, hit me up. I know of a few thrifty places you’d love…(Buffalo Exchange downtown, cool Salvation Army up in Roxboro, banging Goodwill Chadds Ford, groovy consignment shop in Ardmore and a few hospital thrifts. I got you!!!

    Loved your plug for Rue 52. The place is Awesomeness defined! I live right in the area and went there for the first time yesterday. All I can say is you gotta go to know. I had an Honest T, a Kashi bar and a banana. Going back today to try a crepe.

    I liked your blog on my page so I can follow you guys thrifting shinanigans.


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