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Tidbit Tuesday: Cashmere, leather and dry cleaning, oh my!


We know you’ve done it and the truth is we have too. No matter how many times we swear that we’re going to stay away from anything  with labels containing those three magic words “dry clean only,” oftentimes our carts are filled with nothing but things that need to be professionally cleaned.

Ricks and Reese looking fly in their leather finds. But what it cost to dry clean is no bueno. :-(

Ricks and Reese looking fly in their leather finds. But what it cost to dry clean is no bueno. 😦

We’re not going to lie…dry cleaning can get pricey. That leather skirt or jacket that’s chillin’ in the thrift store in mint condition is likely there because it costs a grip to clean it. Reese and I have each purchased a leather skirt this year and I’ve also purchased a leather jacket.

The only reason Reese’s leather skirt is clean is because her dry cleaner was offering a special on leather cleaning for $22.95. I’m awaiting a Friday to take my items to the cleaners because that’s when they offer 20 percent off. I’ve actually worn my leather jacket, but only after spraying Febreeze on the inside and cleaning and applying leather conditioner to the actual leather. Our advice to you is to always look at your labels and make a determination about what kind of investment you want to make in what you’re purchasing.  If it’s something that you intend to wear a lot you’ll want to keep it in tip-top shape and dry cleaning will help you keep it that way. If dry cleaning isn’t an option consider giving the delicate cycle on your washer and some Woolite, or handwashing the item.

Until next time…Keep it thrifty.

— R&R

2 thoughts on “Tidbit Tuesday: Cashmere, leather and dry cleaning, oh my!

  1. I’ve discovered something lots of folks won’t tell you – you can wash suede jackets by hand. I’ve done it with a number of them – recently, a really cute pink $10 thrift store number. But, you’ll need lots of drying time and a place to dry it. I have a clothes line, so I’m set. You just need to make sure it’s correctly shaped, and that seams don’t pucker. I’ve actually never had a problem with suede, unlike other “dry clean only” things I’ve hand-washed. Sometimes a lining seam might pucker, but I just gently stretch it back out. Also, got this one from Martha Stewart, even though I consider her somewhat evil. She uses baby wipes to clean her leather goods, inside and out.


    • Oooh Gay, this is a great idea. I often see suede things and I usually run in the opposite direction because I’m thinking, “That’s going to have to go in the dry cleaners!” Such great tips. Thanks!


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