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Tidbit Tuesday: Spa Day at the Thrifty Palace

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With Operation Do Better in full effect, paying for professional manicures and pedicures is a luxury that is absolutely off limits until our break from spending is O-V-E-R!

Since that doesn’t appear to be happening anytime soon, we decided (and our crusty feet demanded) to take matters into our own hands. But what started out as just an opportunity to bust the dust became a full fledged spa night with face masks, lip treatments, pedicures and cocktails.

This is a great alternative for getting your girls together and having a fun evening in. Our friend Tasha is on the Operation Do Better train and it just so happens that it was her birthday. Under circumstances like this we’d be having mani/pedis out, possibly cocktails and dinner, but since spending money is out, we did this instead and it was a blast.

IMG_2444First up, avocado face masks! We had some avocados that were getting a little closer to the garbage disposal, so rather than waste them we decided to turn them into face masks. We got the recipe for an avocado honey mask from Pure Skin: Organic Beauty Basics by Barbara Close.

We hated the smell so we added a few things like almond milk, banana and vanilla extract. We ended up with this disgusting looking goo that smelled a lot like cake batter when it was all said and done.

It was a little stingy and we’re still not sure if it really did anything but clearly we had a good time mixing it up in the kitchen and getting in there and getting all messy.


Reese mixing up the avocado mix.


Don’t eat the avocado pit. Just. Don’t. Consider yourself warned.


Ahh…this…is…COLD. Brr!


Tasha says, “I don’t know about this.”


Reese slathering it on.


The aftermath!

After beating back the winter blahs and restoring our youthful glow, we tackled the body part that needed the most work: these feet!


Getting ready to go in on the tootsies!

Clearly it would have been nice to have some little tubs, but big pots and plastic ware work just fine. And yes I confess, all the nail polish you see in this picture belongs to me and it is why I am not allowed to buy anymore for a very, very long time.

slather slather

slather slather

In addition to the polish, we broke out pumice stones, nippers and clippers as well as two kinds of body wash and some Johnson and Johnson’s baby oil. We were very serious about our endeavors and we now have the smooth feet to prove it. We also put the leftover avocado goo to good use and re-purposed it as masks for our feet. I think the goo worked better on our feet than it did on our faces.

Best thing about at home spa? Jack and coke

Best thing about at home spa? Jack and coke

shhhhh!!! Ricks is relaxing!

shhhhh!!! Ricks is relaxing!

Ta da!! Here are the finished products. We’re almost as good as the nail techs in the salon….almost.

finished products!

finished products!

This was a great and needed excuse to get together with a friend. The next time you want to get together for a girls’ night in, think about turning your living room into a spa zone on the cheap. You’ll create great memories and your feet will thank you later.


Best spa night ever!

Until next time…keep it thrifty.

— R&R

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