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Food for Thought Friday: Recharging for the Journey


IMG_5402We spent Memorial Day weekend in the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. By the time Friday came and it was time to go, we were both beyond spent and ready to disconnect for a few days. A lot (perhaps too much?) was going on. Decisions needed to be made. Negative thoughts needed reigning in. Energy needed to be renewed. The trip was planned months in advance, and I suppose the universe knew exactly what was going to be going on in the month of May and the days leading up to the trip, because I have never been so excited about getting the heck out of Dodge.

We both already knew that something had to give because we’d stepped away from blogging, which is one of the things that consistently keeps us excited. We set out to have a relaxing weekend in the mountains. I don’t think either of us had any crazy expectations. We simply wanted to rest and be fully present in the beauty of creation–the beauty we sometimes miss in the constant cycle of Facebook, Instagram, television, g-chat, email and city/suburb living.IMG_5367

We hiked several trails, which had us so sore when we got home. We hiked down to the pool below a waterfall and climbed back up to sit at the head of the same waterfall. We drove part of Skyline Drive to see the beginnings of a sunset. We ate some really amazing food in little bitty Front Royal, Va. So many things about the trip were great. I wish I could elaborate on them all, but I can’t (well actually, some of those things will show up in future posts…so stay tuned). Instead of a run down of all our activities, I’ll focus on one moment that stood out for me.

IMG_4446Life is changing at a pace that I sometimes feel like I can’t keep up with. Things I thought I knew, I am no longer sure about. Directions I thought were certain seem to be taking detours. I went to the mountains with all that on my mind, and that was burdensome. I wish I could tell you that I came back with all the answers to everything. I didn’t, and quite honestly, I didn’t expect to. What I did come back with is renewed perspective. While sitting on a rock, all kinds of thoughts swirled in my mind, trying to take root in my spirit. Lots of frustrated thoughts. But then, I looked down into the green, life-giving Shenandoah Valley from the top of the mountain, and I thought to myself, “If that is what a valley experience looks like, I can abide there until it’s time for me to scale a mountain.”  And you better believe ya girl is gonna be ready when the time comes. But for now, I collect fuel for the journey. That was my “aha” moment during the trip. That was enough.IMG_5354

IMG_5352Everyone is on a journey of some sort, and everybody gets tired. Disconnecting from technology and communing with nature recharges me. What recharges you? No matter what it is, it’s vital for you to know this, because at some point on your journey, you will get weary. You will get discouraged. You will be searching for a small, still voice to point you in the right direction. Knowing how to recharge yourself could help you find peace as everything around you seems to be in flux. Knowing you’re right where you need to be — even if things around you seem confusing — can give you the strength and patience you need to be still.

Author: A. Reese

UMBC Assistant Professor. Black Feminist. Food justice advocate and researcher. Lover of color, ruffles, stripes, and pockets. Your kids' flyest professor.

2 thoughts on “Food for Thought Friday: Recharging for the Journey

  1. Nice read. That looks like a nice place to go for serenity and clarity.


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