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Leveling Up


Blogging Brown

By the time many of you read this, we’ll be winding our way to NYC for our first Blogging While Brown Conference. We promised ourselves that if we did this thing longer than a couple of months and didn’t lose interest we’d do our best to take it to the next level, wherever the universe decides that is.

This is the first of many steps we’ll take on this journey. Have a great weekend and keep up with us at the conference on Instagram at @toothriftychicks and Twitter @toothrftycks. For more great stuff from the conference follow the hashtag #BWBNYC.

— R&R

5 thoughts on “Leveling Up

  1. Y’all continue to inspire me. I’ll be pushing and clicking send this morning to pay off my car. All the while trying to resist the urge to buy yet another dress. I will do better.

    Enjoy your trip!


  2. I knew I loved you for reasons I was not even aware of yet. Just do the damn thing!!! You are my idol.


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