Too Thrifty Chicks


Hump Day Outtakes


As you can probably imagine, we take tons of photos. Here are some of our faves that didn’t make it into weekly posts. Enjoy!


Post-Loc Cutting. February 2013


Umm, I don’t think the car is going to move, Reese.


Free me from these clothes!


Wait. It’s cold. Cover me up!


Safari Time!


Ricks doing two of her favorite things: picking up rocks and admiring the view.


Pre-Loc cut off. Enjoying a January day in the sun


Showing off a soft, silky blouse and a sexy, serious eye.

Author: A. Reese

UMBC Assistant Professor. Black Feminist. Food justice advocate and researcher. Lover of color, ruffles, stripes, and pockets. Your kids' flyest professor.

2 thoughts on “Hump Day Outtakes

  1. I often stop and wonder ‘what in the world are other people doing today while I’m doing this (whatever I’m doing at the moment) – thanks for sharing you expressions and life thru your pictures! You show how life really can be fun!! Love it!!


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