Too Thrifty Chicks


Too Thrifty 2.0: We’re Back!


As you all know, the thrifty duo took a much needed break in November after being worn out from working long hours, writing a dissertation, and dealing with many life changes. But we’re rejuvenated and back in action! …and we have a fancy new logo to prove it thanks to Monica Gibbs. Check out her work y’all. She’s a dope artist and very professional. Her design got us hype to start this thing again.

carlton dance

During our break, we spent some time thinking about and discussing the direction of the blog. We started the blog as a fun, creative outlet and as we approached the one year mark, we each felt a tug towards sharing more than just fashion and thrifty tips. We wanted to share about our struggles and triumphs too as well as our thoughts/actions related to topics that are important to us. So what can you expect from the thrifties now? Everything you always expected! We will blog about fashion, finances, and random adventures. We might also blog more about what we’re reading and what’s we’re thinking about.  We have adopted the tagline Think. Thrift. Create. to encompass more of who we are…and that’s what’s you’ll get (at least what we’re willing to share. Hey…this is still the internet!). We’re so excited to share what’s been happening in the past six months and to bring you along for new adventures.


Stay tuned….we have some exciting news to share….and if you haven’t already click that little button that says “follow” so you can stay up to date.



Author: A. Reese

UMBC Assistant Professor. Black Feminist. Food justice advocate and researcher. Lover of color, ruffles, stripes, and pockets. Your kids' flyest professor.

3 thoughts on “Too Thrifty 2.0: We’re Back!

  1. Welcome back and looking great!!


  2. I’m sooooo glad you gals are back!!!!! I missededededed you!!!!!


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