Too Thrifty Chicks


About Our Blog


What do you get when two quirky, nerd chicks start a blog about one thing — thrifting — and then life happens? You get two thrifty chicks who blog about life and all its complexities. In our think space, we’ll share what’s happening with life beyond thrifting including what we’re reading, what we’re talking about and of course what we’ve been giving critical thought. Stay tuned.


Thrifting is where the Too Thrifty Chicks story begins. After two creative souls spent more than five hours in thrift stores, poppin’ tags and playing dress up in old clothes, this blog was born. Over our shared love for thrift store bargains and Indian food, we discovered a passion for repurposing other people’s castoffs and documenting our ever-changing style. Our thrift space is about more than what we wear, it’s about how we live our lives. From creating looks for less to getting our finances right by “doing better,” saving a buck is our game and Thrifty is our name and we want to share our trials and our triumphs with all of you. Watch us work.


Since the inception of this blog, our motto has been: “If we can imagine it, we can create it.” And create we do. Whether it’s spray painting everything and using power tools or making our own pizza dough and growing (killing) our own basil, we honor our creative impulses in this space and share them with you.

Collectively, Think.Thrift.Create represents how we engage with with the world. Follow our journeys as we explore life’s complexities and beauty…one thought, one thrift store, one creation at a time.

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