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Mellow Yellow: A Little Touch of Sunshine

When one of my favorite people in the world let me know that her boo “Liked it and put a ring on it,” I wanted to turn cartwheels. When she told me soon after that she and said boo had no plans to wait and were getting married in Las Vegas in July, I almost fainted. Not because of the quick turnaround, but…Las Vegas…in JULY?! There was no doubt that I was going to be at the ceremony, but Jesus be a fence, a bottle of water, a kiddie pool and a sprinkler.

If you’ve never been to Las Vegas in the summer, you don’t know about the triple digit heat that cools down to 99 degrees when the sun goes down. The only thing that is remotely equivalent is if you stood in front of your oven, turned it up as high as it could go and then opened the door. It is that HOT! How were we going to keep from dying of heat stroke? Could we be sweaty and cute? But more importantly, what in the name of all that is holy was I going to wear?

Operation Do Better was already being thrown a curveball by the unexpected trip and I knew that buying a dress to wear for the ceremony was out of the question. Enter Reese and her giveaway pile of clothes. My roomie extraordinaire just happened to be chucking this adorable yellow dress that she liked, but didn’t really love. She suggested that I give it a try before I broke down and bought something new. Lo and behold it looked great. All I needed to do was take it in around the bust area.

Check out these snaps of me rocking the frock and me and the newly made missus, Tia C. Harris-Kinard!

Yellow 1Yellow 2


Me and Mrs. Tia C. Harris-Kinard. This was taken before the actual deed was done, but isn’t she lovely? 🙂

I always thought orange and red were my favorite colors, but I think yellow is my ministry. This sunny shade pops off my skin and just makes me feel really beautiful. The light, airiness of the dress was perfect for letting me get a little ventilation without looking under dressed for the occasion.

Speaking of yellow — I bought a little something at the 1st Annual FABULOUS Second-Hand/Vintage Clothing Pop-Up Shop that we blogged about in June. I never got a chance to show you all the fabulous find I snagged from Patrice “Patty B” Boone of The Prissy Tomboy and BTwenty3.

Well here she is in all her glory. I wore this vintage jumpsuit in NYC during Blogging While Brown for an advance screening of Fruitvale Station, a must see movie about the death of Oscar Grant, a 22-year-old Bay Area resident, who was shot and killed by a Bay Area Rapid Transit officer on New Year’s Day 2009. It is a powerful movie and it is in theaters now. I recommend that you check it out. Me and the roomie plan to go see it again this weekend.

As for the jumpsuit, my goal is to add some straps to the top part since I’m not particularly blessed with enough bust to keep it up, but I look forward to rocking this look many times this summer! Enjoy the view! — R&R

Yellow 3 Yellow 5 Yellow 4


A Short Truth About Shorts

We might be nine days away from the official start, but it certainly is beginning to feel a lot like summer. That means we’re traipsing around town wearing far less than we did even three weeks ago. Seriously, the weather has been crazy around these parts.

The last time we took advantage of a half-off sale at one of our favorite thrift stores, B-Thrifty, we were on the hunt for spring and summer clothes. We both found an abundance of long shorts and skirts that we plan to re-purpose into shorts so look out for some DIY, recreations coming to the blog soon.

Reese can sew, and this summer I’m going to finally learn. My first project were these really funky looking printed shorts. They were super long and so baggy that they looked like a skirt on me. You’ll have to take my word on what they looked like. I got to cutting them up and I was so intent on changing them that I forgot to take a picture of what they looked like before. Forgive me? Thanks.

I raised the length from the knee to about mid thigh (yes my legs are really long), and presto, here’s the look. I topped off the ensemble with this great thrifted t-shirt and wore it on the same day, unbeknownst to me, that the legendary, revolutionary Nelson Mandela, 94, entered the hospital.

image(3) image

Reese also was strongly considering cropping her shorts, but realized she loved the high-waisted shorts at their existing length. So she just topped her ensemble off with this colorful and inexpensive tank she picked up at Walmart and finished the look with what else, her Chuck Taylor’s.

image(1) image(2)

We hope you’re staying cool in this heat, saving money and asserting your style by finding some pre-owned clothes to love!

And if you feel so inclined say a special prayer, word of thanksgiving, or offer up a sun salutation for Mr. Mandela. The Too Thrifty Chicks are certainly praying for you Madiba and sending light, love and positivity into the universe on your behalf. Whatever the universe decides we pray that it will be well with your soul. And if we don’t get the chance to tell you, thank you for your service.

— R&R


Feeling dainty in a little boy’s shirt

We heart buying shirts from the boy section….dress shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts…we have them all. Some little boy’s nightmare becomes our treasure.

I  was in the mood to wear this skirt, but wasn’t exactly sure how I wanted to style it. First I threw on a black and white plaid shirt + a sweater. That didn’t work so well. Made me look like I was carrying some extra weight in the midsection, and I really don’t have any time for speculations about a [nonexistent] tiny human growing inside me. I then tried it with a black, purple, and silver sequin top, but for the shape of the top didn’t work well with the skirt.


I finally settled for pairing this boys (size 14) pale yellow button down shirt with the skirt. I am not really a button down and skirt kind of girl, but I really heart this combination! So, I decided on a top….now there was one more tough decision: what color tights? I started with green, and thought they looked a little too putrid with the yellow. Then I moved on to blue and wasn’t feeling that. I settled on a dark purple pair to contrast the pale shirt. Threw on a pair of pearls, earrings, the best booties ever , and some Ruby Woo lipstick……gave myself a look in the mirror, and thought, girl you betta weeerrrrkkk! IMG_3529

Next time you go to the thrift store, check out the boys and/or men section–especially if you’re a girl who finds herself in this-doesn’t-fit-me-quite-right shirts far too often.


Style Notes: A Warm Day in December

On my recent trip and solo thrift at a Goodwill in Hinesville, Ga. I found a treasure trove of dresses including this little vintage gem of a shirt dress that caught my eye. It is perfect for me in so many ways. From the puffy shoulders and sleeves to the primness of the just below the knee hemline., how many ways can you say love?!

The only thing that was bringing me down about the dress was it is unlined and a bit too thin for the cold we were enduring. I feared that I would have to stare longingly at it in my closet until spring, but a rare December day when temperatures easily reached mid-60s was my now or later moment. I was so psyched to wear it, but still decided to pair it with a turtleneck, and dark tights because it is still winter!


Ricks rocking a vintage dress that is in incredible condition and it cost *drumrollplease* $4.99!! Pick your jaw up or you will trip over your bottom lip.


Ricks paired the dress with a black turtleneck and tights because even though the weather was giving her early fall, the calendar says it is almost winter! Gray faux suede and blue platform pumps by Nine West were bought new from the Salvation Army for $14.99.


Ricks paired the dress with her signature glasses, gold tone accessories from Aldo, Forever 21 and Marshall’s.


Poppin collars…off to work!

Until next time…Keep it thrifty!

— R&R

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A season of thanks…

It’s the most wonderful time of year when we’re all preoccupied with friends, family, food and frolic. Thanksgiving ushers in a feeling of gratefulness and reflection, as we race toward the conclusion of another year. We here at Too Thrifty Chicks will take the time to savor these fleeting moments and hope you’ll do the same. Take time during the hustle and bustle of the season to slow down, breathe, turn inward and reflect. Make space for joy that can’t be bought.

And while you’re reflecting, take time to think a little bit about the nifty, thrifty looks that you can pull off this holiday season. And don’t forget to look for a post about ideas for gifting thrifted items.

Check out what Reese and Ricks wore to a conservative gathering and a more casual affair. Enjoy!

Getting ready for thanksgiving dinner. Needed to wear something comfortable and casual that would be acceptable for a more traditional setting. Love love love this green sweater I found at B-thrifty. I’m pretty sure it’s handmade.

Attended church service with my partner’s family. The church is on the conservative end, so I needed to dress appropriately for the venue without looking drab. Paired a gold shirt with a classic skirt (both thrifted), olive green tights, oxford heels, and a corduroy jacket.

A casual ensemble that travels well while riding in a car and effectively hides a food baby. 🙂 Thrifted items: Gap jean jacket $5.99 and skirt $3.99.

Tell us how you hide your food baby during the holiday season of feasting that kicks off with Thanksgiving and lasts through New Year’s Day!


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Too Thrifty in Paradise: What I Wore on Vacay

After rocking and reeling on a boat, dancing on sandy beaches, and watching beautiful sunrises each morning, I’m back on the mainland! Did you miss me?! I had a peaceful vacation and now I’m ready to tackle the 1001 things I need to do, including this blog post. 🙂


I suck at packing. Seriously, I think I’m very close to the worst. And of course, hanging out with M. Ricks at the Critical Exposure event the night before my departure did not help my cause. We were supposed  to leave when the 2-hour event ended, but in true R&R style, we met new friends and stayed for coffee. So when 1AM on Thursday morning came and the only progress I’d made was a pile of “maybes,” I wasn’t at all alarmed or surprised. From that pile I managed to put some things together just in time to hang with M. Ricks before leaving.

Here’s a glimpse of what I wore:


This “top” isn’t really a top at all. It’s a scarf! I love the print of this scarf and it is long enough to tie. So I said to myself, “self…let’s try something with this.” I wore it over my bandeau swimsuit top and paired it with a a handmade floral print skirt I bought at a thrift store for $4.00. $5.00 scarf + $4.00 skirt=$9.00 awesomeness.


Close up of the scarf-top. Isn’t the print fabulous?! The sunglasses are from the Bebe factory store ($10.00) and I have no idea where the earrings came from. It was humid this day, so I rocked a puff instead of a fro because I didn’t have time to twist.  
…and of course the best accessory of all is a smile. Happy Days.


I paired this $3.00 top with a pair of denim shorts from Forever 21 plus a pair of red button earrings that cost $1.00. I was itchin’ for a dark lip color, so I popped into the MAC store in Nassau and purchased “Dramatic Encounter” lipstick (fitting, huh?!) and “Currant” lipliner. I love contrast, so the dark lip + white top gives me so much life! While frolicking in the Bahamas I met new friends! Love these two and their styles!

Interested in learning how to turn a scarf into a top? Let us know! We’ll do a video tutorial.

Embrace your creativity. Break the rules. Love every minute of it.

Ciao for now!

-A. Reese

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Out on the Town with Critical Exposure

A. Reese and I are pretty avid amateur photographers so when the opportunity to learn more about how young people are using photography as a tool of social change and doing it the vain of our patron photography saint, Gordon Parks, we couldn’t resist.

Critical Exposure is a nonprofit that teaches young people the power of photography and their own voices as effective advocates for school reform and social change. We got to hear from a panel of experts which included a student in the program. It was an enlightening evening where we were reminded by Lucian Perkins that “We have to continue to look at our country through fresh eyes.”

Of course we decided to dress up for such a special occasion. And because we are often #twinning we both went for looks that mixed prints. Remember the only rules are the ones you decide to break and the ones you make!  Here’s a look at what we wore.

A. Reese rocking leopard on leopard. Shirt is thrifted.


M. Ricks rocking gingham and argyle. Button down and sweater are thrifted.

And you’re not at a good photo event until someone takes a good picture of you. Shout out to Jackson Michaels for this dope pic below, another that will go on our about page and my new profile photo! Link to his work will be coming as soon as A. Reese gets off the beach! 🙂

Until next time people.

Stay thrifty,

— R&R