Too Thrifty Chicks



Pure Shenanigans: Another Night in at the Thrifty Palace

So what happens when you’re taking a break from spending money, it’s cold outside and you don’t have anything better to do with your life besides eat ice cream and catch up on episodes of Black Ink Crew? You put the spoon down, break out your fake eyelashes and makeup brushes, and try to recreate the magic that is Dutchess Lattimore’s make up game.

When it comes to the inked make-up game, Dutchess’ face is usually beat to the GAWDS!


Really? Could this woman be any more fierce? She is killing the game. Alex? Alex who?


B-Girl stance: Perfecting our Dutchess mean mug.

We had so much fun that we decided to do a photo shoot.  And thanks to our newly acquired tripod, we’re actually in a few of the photos together.  Here’s our take on a couple of Dutchess’ best looks. Enjoy!