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Food for Thought Friday: Just Go With It

We’d been anticipating NYC since December….seriously. If you visit the thrifty palace, there’s a dry erase bubble with all our 2013 trips, and NYC was at the top of the list. Photo Mar 07, 2 27 47 PM

So you can imagine how we felt when we checked the weather a week before the trip only to discover rain and snow in the forecast! Maybe it will change, we thought. Hmmmm. Not so much. It rained and snowed pretty much the whole time we were there.Photo Mar 06, 7 43 28 AM

We’ll admit it. We’re bask-in-the-sunshine type girls. When it’s raining, we’re more likely to curl under our favorite blankies and watch movies or read. That was NOT going to happen in NYC. We were so determined to have a great time…and we did! We treated each day like a 9 to 5. We walked and walked….and when it rained on our first full day in NYC, we pulled out our umbrellas and kept it movin’. When we woke up to snow the next day, we went to the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, ate chicken and waffles (again), drank bubble tea (again), and walked around Times Square.

Our trip could have been dampered by the rain and snow, but we made a conscious choice not to let it get us down. Reese Photo Mar 06, 9 56 31 PMwas feelin’ a bit ill on day 2, but even that couldn’t stop the show. The thrifty chicks have a motto that we adopted a while ago: just go with it. We say it often as a reminder that we can’t always control everything around us, so why not just go with the flow? We did that in NYC….and we’re glad we did. We did a little shopping, a lot of walking and laughing, and created some fun memories. Hopefully it won’t be raining next time we go, but if it does….we’ll just go with it and focus on the experience and not the things beyond our control.