Too Thrifty Chicks



R&R Take on B-Thrifty!

What happens when Ricks’ favorite thrift store has a 50% off sale? We go on an adventure! For four hours (you read that right — FOUR HOURS!),  we raided the racks of B-Thrifty, a huge, well organized store in Woodbridge, VA. Talk about two kids in a candy store! Even before the discount, the prices at B-Thrifty are great, but the extra savings was a great incentive. At the end of the day (and we do mean end at 8:15 p.m.), we each spent $32.55 (and we didn’t do that on purpose…serendipity!) Check out some of the fun we had!

Gotta love a thrift store where the staff has fun too!

Not much luck with the coats and jacket…one is too furry and the other’s sleeves are too short.

Having too much fun in the adult onesie

50% off + well organized thrift store + Too Thrift Chicks = Two overflowing carts and a large discard pile.

Every successful thrifting adventure ends with hard choices. We had to leave these finds behind.

Ooops! We didn’t know we couldn’t take photos! Bye Bye, B-Thrifty! See you Next Month!