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Get Some, Give Some: Huge Thanks!

We asked for donations, and our readers came through! Thanks to the generosity of several people, we donated four trash bags and one plastic bin of clothing, coats, shoes, and blankets to The Great Clothes and Coats Give Away.

We can’t say it enough. THANK YOU, THANK YOU! When I dropped off our donations, the volunteers were stoked to see all the things we contributed! The items you donated will be given to individuals and families in the Washington, DC area absolutely free of charge. Because of your generosity, someone will be warmer this winter.

With all that’s going on in the world–wars, natural disasters, etc.–I’ve been thinking a lot about giving and service. DC’ers let out a sigh of relief when Hurricane Sandy didn’t destroy our area as it did others. We were blessed to not have widespread power outages, gas shortages, mass transit chaos, or rising death tolls. However, the reality is natural disasters, wars, etc. are always hard on those who have the least. Life is often hard on those who have the least. We’re happy we could contribute tangible things. As M. Ricks says, “It is truly a blessing to be a blessing.”

If you’re in the DMV, there’s still time to donate before the event on Saturday, November 10th. Drop us a line in the comment section so we can coordinate!

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Get Some, Give Some

We love the idea of recycling. Aside from how fun it is, thrifting is one way we choose to contribute to reducing waste on this planet.  But we don’t simply relish in the thrill of our finds; we also give back by donating to our local thrift stores or local charities. We all know people who take and take and take some more. And we all hate to see those people come our way, don’t we? So don’t be that person.

If you incorporate thrifting into your lifestyle, get some and give some. Get some really great stuff, but also give really great stuff for others’ benefit. Thrift stores and charities thrive on our generosity. If you expect someone else to give, why shouldn’t you?

FYI: If you’re looking for an opportunity to clean out your closet, consider donating items to Emory Fellowship’s Bridges of Hope Great Clothes and Coats Giveaway. On Nov. 10th, the ministry will give away  (at no cost) clothes to women, men, and children in need. If you have gently worn clothes or coats, blankets, or comforters, let us know! We’d be happy to pass on more information or even coordinate picking up items if you’re in the DMV.

We believe in giving back, ya’ll. We hope you do too! Support your local thrift store or charity!

— R&R