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Tidbit Tuesday:Thrift Inspiration and Sewing with Kametra

Guest Contributor: Kametra Matthews

When I was a little girl, I would go thrift shopping with my grandma every Saturday morning.  We would get the “Thrifty Nickle” (free weekly paper with classifieds) and search for which “garage sales” (what we called them down south) before heading out on Saturday mornings.  Sometimes during our trips we would see posters on utility poles with posters pointing to sales and we would just follow directions. My grandma would give me 5 bucks to buy what I wanted.  This is how I was introduced to thrift shopping.

KMM OutfitI still love, love, love thrift stores and yard sales.  I must admit, though, I have become a bit of a bougie thrifter.    When I worked in a lab for 10 years, common dress was jeans, t-shirt, sneakers, and a white lab coat. Now that I have to dress more professionally, I rely on Unique Thrift Store in Falls Church, VA.  I always walk out of this store with great labels such as Anne Taylor, Nine West and Kenneth Cole. Shopping here works out perfectly, because buying professional clothes for work is very expensive. I am able to buy shoes, clothes, and accessories, such as handbags, belts, and scarves without breaking the bank.  I’ve also bought pots, paintings, small appliances, and KMM Appliancesfurniture.  I’m a platinum member which means that on Mondays and Thursdays I get 25% off and Holidays 50%off.

Right Sized

Thrift store shopping has inspired me to learn how to sew. Many of the slacks I buy are often too long and the jeans need to be taken in at the waist.  When my seamstress broke her foot and was out for 2 months, I said, “I need to learn how to sew!”  My mother and fiancé (boyfriend at the time), took me seriously and gifted me a sewing KMM Curtainsmachine and gadgets. I took my 1st course in December and am currently doing a free online tutorial at Once I get the hang of it I think I’ll love it, but its like going back to school.  I am amazed at how many people sew.  I had no idea before I was interested.  There is a huge support system for people who sew and there are often free and inexpensive classes where they can learn or improve their skills.

Thrifty Nuptials

Last month, I got engaged! Planning a wedding on a small budget in the DC metro area is going to call on all of the thrifting expertise I have been acquiring since my $5 garage sale trips with my grandmother.  From waiting until the dress goes on sale, finding locations that are big enough and that will  allow my personal caterer to bring in food, to bargaining for services and finding décor for resale, I’ll have to arrange it all.  Being economical takes work in every sense of the word and I’m excited to do the work.


A Thrifty Engagement: Precious and Antoine

Two months ago today, Antoine gave Precious a gift that she’s been waiting for: an opportunity to marry her best friend. Antoine proposed to Precious at his surprise birthday party in October. She thought she was pulling a fast one on him, but at the end of the night she was all smiles and tears when she realized the night would be far more special than she had thought.

Pic taken the night of their engagement.

Pic taken the night of their engagement. Precious is wearing a thrifted dress that cost $3.95. Hubby-in-training obviously knows his woman, because he selected this beautiful vintage ring for his bride-to-be. Way to go Antoine!

Instead of spending tons of money on new clothes for their engagement photo session, Precious brought her love for thrifting and her personal style to her engagement photos taken by Krystal Kofie Hohrn Photography. She’s wearing dresses from Goodwill in both photos, with each dress costing $5.95. She’s even influencing the hubby-in-training. The striped button down he’s wearing is a thrifted purchase too!

Precious is all smiles in her fabulous goodwill find and Antoine has a classic, clean look in his thrifted button down.

Precious is all smiles in her fabulous Goodwill find and Antoine has a classic, clean look in his thrifted button down.

Precious took some time to tell us about thrifting and her style:

1) What inspired you to start thrifting?

I love the thrill of finding something precious or beautiful among what others have cast aside. I also love to shop yet found that I spent to much money doing so, thus this was a great alternative.

2) How would you describe your personal style?

I would describe my style as classic, vinatage, and eclectic/urban. I know thats alot (lol) but it depends on the occasion.  I like to take a vintage ode to the past and pair it with a classic piece, and then spice up the outfit with an urban/chic touch. (btw, Precious was named “class trender setter” in her senior superlatives in high school. Get it girl!)

3) What influences/inspires your style?

I watch a lot of fashion tv, per my fiancé, (lol) but no really I love color and funtionality. I am inspired by things that photograph well and accentuated my figure the best.


Precious shows a little leg and sass as Antoine spits his best game. Oooow!

When you take engagement photos, love is the best and most noticeable accessory (and it’s clear that there’s a lot of love adorning this couple). Pairing that with the perfect outfit can give you the confidence needed for a successful photo shoot. Think twice about spending a ton of money on a new outfit and consider recycling something for the occasion. It worked for Precious and Antoine. It could work for you too!

Happy 12-12-12, everybody. Enjoy the novelty of the day!

Until next time,