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Use Those Photos: DIY Cards

I take photos. Lots of photos. Seriously, I have about 30,000 photos.

What do most of us do with our photos these days? Post them on Facebook and Instagram. We might print them out and tuck them away into photo albums. But aside from that, what else can we do?

This year, in lieu of traditional holiday cards, I used some of my favorite photos to create cards for a few people. In a small way, this was an opportunity to give something I love and am proud of to some people I care about deeply. I was super happy with the end results! Not as cheap as buying a box of generic holiday cards, but not as expensive as buying single cards for each person. Total cost for this project (including photos, 30 cards, and markers): $60.

I ordered a variety of cards from Photographer’s Edge. When I first received them, I was worried that the card stock was not thick enough. However, once I added the photos, it was perfect. I’ll likely use them again for other projects.


  • Printed Photos (I printed mine in matte to avoid finger prints)
  • Scissors
  • Pre-cut frame cards
  • Markers/Pens

IMG_8047 IMG_8051 IMG_8049

You would think choosing the “right” photographs would be hard when you have so many, but it wasn’t. I looked at photos and often times instantly knew who should receive it. I did not send cards to everyone. I sent them to people who had been on my mind, who inspired me this year, who were coming out of challenging times.



A few of the final products


….and if you’re worried about whether or not you need to use photos from a fancy DSLR camera, the answer is no. A few of the photos I used were from my iPhone! Also, places like Walgreens and CVS now let you print your photos directly from Facebook or Instagram.

If you create your own cards, tag us in a post so we can see!

Happy Creating!


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Tidbit Tuesdays: Thrifted Gifted

With just eight days left, we’re in the home stretch of merry-making and gift-giving that culminates on Dec. 25.  If you’re still scurrying around trying to get gifts consider rescuing some fabulous finds from a thrift store. This year my cup runneth over with little people. And while I’m sure they’d prefer all manner of technology and gadgetry, I have decided to go for nostalgia. There’s no better place than the thrift store to look for nostalgia.


Toys in mint condition from the Goodwill!

Last year, two tiny humans entered my life and I wanted to get them something special that toddlers could enjoy. They’re still too small to really know what they want for Christmas so I get the joy of giving them what I want them to have and this Radio Flyer car and wooden rocking horse caught my eye during my adventure with Reese at the Goodwill on Bustleton Ave. in Philly.

Shining like new!

Shining like new!

Best of all the toys were in great condition and super inexpensive at $6.99 and $5.99, respectively. All they needed was a little TLC in the form of some cleaning and a coat of polyurethane. All in all, the toys and spiffing up, cost about $20.

Not going to lie, I took this thing for a test drive. The craftsmanship is so great that it should be passed down from generations to come!

Not going to lie, I took this thing for a test drive. The craftsmanship is so great that it should be passed down from generations to come!

Don’t sleep on your local thrift store for gifts for all occasions. Look for items that are in excellent condition or that only need a little elbow grease to make them like new.

Until next time…Keep it thrifty.

Ever given or received a cool vintage or thrifted item as a gift? Tell us about it and we might feature you here.