Too Thrifty Chicks


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Holey Moley!

If you only take one piece of our advice on anything, take this top thrifting tip: always check everything out.

Examine what you plan to purchase. Look for holes, missing buttons and tears. If you’re thinking about purchasing a damaged item, weigh what it might cost to fix it. If it is going to cost you more, or as much to fix it as it would to buy it new, you might want to pass unless you’re sure it is one of a kind.

It does you no good to purchase something on the cheap and then spend a ton of money fixing it (watch for posts about cashmere, leather and dry cleaning, oh my!).

But sometimes, in the euphoria of a good thrift, a damaged item will get past our eagle eyes. That’s what happened with this lovely sweater that I picked up during the last thrifting adventure with A. Reese. I was so impressed with the excellent condition and the amazing price for a nearly all wool sweater that I failed to look for what I later found — a hole. *insert doom music here/screams/slides down wall*

No, not a hole! Why lawd? WHY?!

But never fear, You Tube is here! You can learn how to do anything and everything on YouTube and I found a video that provides an easy and simple fix. This method worked so well that I had trouble finding my own stitching after I was finished. *insert praise dance here* So before you throw that sweater you love away, try this first! — M. Ricks