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Man of the Moment: William “Beaver” Brooks

One Sunday, we’re greeting folks at church, and William aka Beaver comes up to us and says, “I’ve been meaning to tell y’all, I love y’all’s style….and then we say (almost in unison), “We love yours too! We want you on our blog!”IMG_5044

That was a few months ago, and we finally got around to doing a photoshoot with Beaver and learning more about his style. He has a passion for thrifting and finding unique pieces. He’s a bigger guy and says that guys like him are often left out of the picture in this new thrifting trend. When he’s not singing in the church choir, or working his full-time gig, Beaver dedicates his time to helping other men develop their own unique style profiles. According to him, he’s dedicated to “keeping the big guy fly!”

IMG_5040 IMG_5044 IMG_5066

…Oh, did we mention he’s an entrepreneur too? His business, Bebow Fashions, focuses on designing handmade bowties and lapel pins. They are sooo dope and can be made to order. He believes in providing good quality because he doesn’t sell anything he wouldn’t wear himself, so he is often sporting his products whenever we see him. We’re waiting on our own custom designs (::hint hint Beave::).


If you like Beaver’s style, check him out on Instagram: the_awesome_life_of_a_beaver and Facebook:

BTW, what’s a Too Thrifty photoshoot without a little silliness? Check out some of the outtakes below. Between Reese’s silly jokes (Knock knock. Who’s there? Interrupting cow…interrupting cow wh…MOOOOO!) and Ricks’ ability to strike any pose on cue, we had a grand ol’ time. — R&R

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Man of the Moment: Raymond Metzger


Guest Contributor: Raymond Metzger of The Dapper Diamond District 

Guest Photographer: Shoccara Marcus of Shocphoto Imagery LLC.

Some years ago I looked into my wardrobe and noticed I had way too much black. Black jackets, black shoes, black shirts, you name it, it was probably black or at least pretty dark. My reasoning?…..It was safe, black matches with everything right? Wrong. Realizing my mistake I decided to look for some great classic pieces to add to my wardrobe that would last me years to come.

Game changer
Seeing that I was in undergrad at the time, I didn’t have the resources to buy all of the items I wanted that would help insert some color and life into my wardrobe. That’s when I decided to pay a visit to the thrift store. I love a DSC_0274-editbargain just as much as the next guy and thought, “Hey, let me see what I can find.”  Now a graduate student, I still  frequent the thrift store saying “Hey, let me see what I can find.”  Since I am still on a budget,  always looking for unique pieces, and my personal style has matured, the thrift store was a great option for me then, and still is today.

Break it up

Maybe there’s too much of one color in your closet, you’re looking to change your style up a little bit, or just shopping on a budget you may just find your next favorite jacket, shirt, or who knows what at the thrift store. At times I like to put together outfits that are completely thrifted (not even realizing it sometimes), but I also love to take a thrifted piece and mix it in with some newer items for a unique look and feel.

In both of the outfits here I am rocking vintage thifted blazers that were real steals. I paired them with newer items from Zara, American Eagle, Polo and Urban Outfitters. When I head to the thrift store I usually have a hit list of what I’m looking for so I don’t go overboard. Here are a couple of rules I like to go by and some tips that may help you on your next visit.

Mixing PatternsThe Dapper Diamond District Rules:

Look around. You never know what you might find sandwiched between two items you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing. Learning to sift through the rack will help you to find that great item you’re looking for.

Quality check. Perform a quick quality check of any thrift store item that you might purchase. How is it holding up? Loose stitching? Is it damaged beyond repair? Or do you like the item with a little wear? Also check the garment care tag. What is it made out of and what brand is it? I’m certainly not all about the brand name, but it can help to give you a little history of the garment.

Mixing Patterns_4Cheap doesn’t mean you should buy it. Don’t get caught buying every reasonably priced item. It may just end up with a permanent home deep within your closet never to be worn. If you like it but you’re not sure how you might wear it, leave it. You probably will be unsure at home too.

Sizes aren’t universal. The tag on that one says small, but it looks kinda big, the tag on this one says large but looks just right. Just try it on and see how it fits.

Good Luck!

Mixing Patterns_2I would like to thank Reese and Ricks for having me here, and to you for reading. It has definitely been a pleasure.  I can’t wait to work with the Too Thrifty Chicks again, and hopefully they will be cooking as   — R. Metzger

We’re so happy Raymond stopped by to share his style with us! If you’re wondering why he’s hoping we’re cooking, check out the Valentines’ Day post we did over at the Dapper Diamond District!

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Finding Hidden Gems on eBay

Guest Contributor: Avery Watkins, Jr.

eBay is a vast site full of useless stuff.  Stuff that won’t match your style. Things that will be a waste of money. But if you look photo 2 (4)closely, you will find a true gem. I get a thrill from finding great things on eBay, but that’s not my main reason for using it. I find shopping for clothes on eBay easier than going to the thrift store, because I don’t always have good luck finding men’s clothing at thrift stores. I’m patient and don’t mind waiting for things, so I use my computer skills to search for exactly what I want on eBay. Most times, I’m looking for specific things and searching on eBay makes it easier to find.

With all that said, shopping on eBay is an art and there are things to keep in mind.

1. Know what you want.  As I said, there is a lot of stuff on eBay. You can type in one term and get thousands of results. If you know what you want, it helps you refine the search.  If not, you will waste time looking at stuff from all over the world for all genders that have nothing to do with your interests

2. Know your size margin of error. In other words, be ready to buy a little big or small, depending on the look you are going for and be ready to call your tailor.  Some clothes are used just like a thrift store and some may have already been tailored, shrunken, etc. Never assume the cut and  size will fit you like something you already have in your closet.

3. Reading is fundamental:.  Because you can’t try the item on or smell it or see it, you have to pay extra attention to the details in the item description. Just because it shows you a picture of a great shirt/blouse/blazer you have been looking for,  doesn’t mean they’re selling you that.  You need to read to make sure they aren’t just selling you the sewing print or some buttons (lol). Spend time reading the description AND check the sellers ratings. People don’t hesitate to let you know a seller is good or bad.

4. Know your price. eBay has two pricing structures: “buy it now” and “bidding.” Buy it now means you pay the fixed price that is shown and you get the item. Bidding means you and anyone else can submit a price offer for an item, which can lead to a bidding war. Knowing how much you want to pay is really important when it comes to bidding. Don’t overbid. Nothing is worth more than what you feel comfortable paying for it.

5. Patience Patience Patience.  Finding what you really are looking for could take weeks, days, hours, or a few minutes. You never know, so have patience with it and you will find a gem. One of my favorite purchases took a while to find. I found a photo 1 (2)Ralph Lauren brown tweed blazer  that usually retails for more than $300 for $65.

6. A Word about Bidding Patience. It is extremely important to be a patient bidder, because you might find the item of your dreams but the bidding is going on for a whole week.  Don’t place your max bid in early. Bid low and just wait to the final seconds to put your final bid to increase your chances of getting the item.

I like eBay, because I can find specific things without having to spend a whole day in a thrift store, and I can do it all while sitting on my couch. If you need something immediately, eBay might not be the best option. But if you have some time and patience, check it out. There are some hidden gems there.