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A Short Truth About Shorts

We might be nine days away from the official start, but it certainly is beginning to feel a lot like summer. That means we’re traipsing around town wearing far less than we did even three weeks ago. Seriously, the weather has been crazy around these parts.

The last time we took advantage of a half-off sale at one of our favorite thrift stores, B-Thrifty, we were on the hunt for spring and summer clothes. We both found an abundance of long shorts and skirts that we plan to re-purpose into shorts so look out for some DIY, recreations coming to the blog soon.

Reese can sew, and this summer I’m going to finally learn. My first project were these really funky looking printed shorts. They were super long and so baggy that they looked like a skirt on me. You’ll have to take my word on what they looked like. I got to cutting them up and I was so intent on changing them that I forgot to take a picture of what they looked like before. Forgive me? Thanks.

I raised the length from the knee to about mid thigh (yes my legs are really long), and presto, here’s the look. I topped off the ensemble with this great thrifted t-shirt and wore it on the same day, unbeknownst to me, that the legendary, revolutionary Nelson Mandela, 94, entered the hospital.

image(3) image

Reese also was strongly considering cropping her shorts, but realized she loved the high-waisted shorts at their existing length. So she just topped her ensemble off with this colorful and inexpensive tank she picked up at Walmart and finished the look with what else, her Chuck Taylor’s.

image(1) image(2)

We hope you’re staying cool in this heat, saving money and asserting your style by finding some pre-owned clothes to love!

And if you feel so inclined say a special prayer, word of thanksgiving, or offer up a sun salutation for Mr. Mandela. The Too Thrifty Chicks are certainly praying for you Madiba and sending light, love and positivity into the universe on your behalf. Whatever the universe decides we pray that it will be well with your soul. And if we don’t get the chance to tell you, thank you for your service.

— R&R


Feeling dainty in a little boy’s shirt

We heart buying shirts from the boy section….dress shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts…we have them all. Some little boy’s nightmare becomes our treasure.

I ย was in the mood to wear this skirt, but wasn’t exactly sure how I wanted to style it. First I threw on a black and white plaid shirt + a sweater. That didn’t work so well. Made me look like I was carrying some extra weight in the midsection, and I really don’t have any time for speculations about a [nonexistent] tiny human growing inside me. I then tried it with a black, purple, and silver sequin top, but for the shape of the top didn’t work well with the skirt.


I finally settled for pairing this boys (size 14) pale yellow button down shirt with the skirt. I am not really a button down and skirt kind of girl, but I really heart this combination! So, I decided on a top….now there was one more tough decision: what color tights? I started with green, and thought they looked a little too putrid with the yellow. Then I moved on to blue and wasn’t feeling that. I settled on a dark purple pair to contrast the pale shirt. Threw on a pair of pearls, earrings, the best booties ever , and some Ruby Woo lipstick……gave myself a look in the mirror, and thought,ย girl you betta weeerrrrkkk!ย IMG_3529

Next time you go to the thrift store, check out the boys and/or men section–especially if you’re a girl who finds herself in this-doesn’t-fit-me-quite-right shirts far too often.

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Randomly Reese: Leggings, Blouses, and Skirts….Oh My!

When I shop, I buy things because they have potential or because they make me happy–not because “everyone else is doing it.” I’ve pretty much been that way the majority of my life (at least since I’ve been able to pick out and buy my own clothes). There are some things that consistently make me happy: blouses, ruffles, graphic tees, leggings, blazers, high waisted skirts, and bow ties! I couldn’t put EVERYTHING I like in these photos, but check out how I pull together some of the elements I love to create fun, functional outfits.

A fun day in the park: I’ve always liked swings. I tried to relive the days of my youth…seemed a lot harder to propel myself forward than it used to!

If I can't have fun in it, I don't want to wear it!

If I can’t have fun in it, I don’t want to wear it!

I'm pretty sure the little kids in the park don't appreciate me playing with their toys!

I’m pretty sure the little kids in the park don’t appreciate me playing with their toys!

Lounging: I heart my DIY bench (read about how I made it HERE). It’s the perfect place to sit, people watch, and read. I love this skirt because it’s flowy and comfy. I love the sweater, because it isn’t bulky.

Comfy skirt + sweater

Comfy skirt + sweater

I call this my “Little House on the Prairie” look. On first glance, this skirt isn’t the cutest thing in the world, but adding a head wrap and a cute jacket gave it so much life! BTW, does the scarf look familiar? It made an appearance as a top when I was on vacay. Read about it HERE.

Gosh this head scarf gives me life!

Gosh, I live for head scarves!

That purple lipstick? Awesome addition to my collection…thanks roomie!

STOP! Collaborate and Listen...Reese is back I got a brand new invention (ok...I'm done reminiscing about Vanilla Ice)

STOP! Collaborate and Listen…Reese is back I got a brand new invention (ok…I’m done reminiscing about Vanilla Ice)

I like tees. They make me happy. This tee has a skull that reads, “Midnight Party.” To dress it up, I added shiny leggings and a pink, Michael Jackson-inspired jacket.


I'm having a private party

I’m having a private party

When I wear a heel, better believe it’s a fly one. Love these black booties! I found the belt at a thrift store for half off. I had to get it, because I know how much these belts retail for. I purchased the blouse from Minerva Vintage Closet on Etsy. If you get a chance, check her out. Cute clothes and excellent customer service.



There you have it folks. This is how I roll. ๐Ÿ™‚ If you missed Ricks’ last style post, check it out HERE. She’s pretty awesome and so is her style.

Until Next Time,



What I Wore to Work: A Conversation Starter

2013 marks a really cool milestone in my professional journey: I’m teaching my first undergraduate class! I had my first class last week, and in addition to planning the syllabus and outlining the first day, I spent plenty of time thinking about what I would wear. As Ricks and I lounged on our couch the night before my first day, I mused about what kind of vibe I wanted to set. I fell asleep before I could figure it out. ๐Ÿ™‚

The next morning, I woke up and decided I wasn’t going to go the dress pants/button down route. I figured I would take advantage of being in a relaxed academic space and wear something that was much more comfortable and representative of my everyday look.


The outfit turned out to be quite the conversation piece as we talked about what it means to have a “culture” and how it’s reflected. After students shared, I brought up my outfit and what it reflects in regards to things I hold dear. I absolutely heart the “I Love Beeing Black” tee, and one of the reasons is the outline of the African continent in the heart. Part of my identity–a choice I’ve made about my identity and it’s relation to the world–is how I locate myself. I am a woman who values being a member of the black disapora. I spoke about how locating myself in the disapora and not just America is significant to how I see the world, power relations, and social justice work.

What a great conversation starter! Students began discussing how they see themselves located in (seemingly) multiple cultures and what that means in terms of displaying (performing) who they are in different contexts. I explained that yes, I love quirky fashion and challenging ideas of what makes “good fashion.” In the classroom, I used both of those things to open up a conversation about the ways we think about ourselves, our surroundings, and what define us.

Places to go, people to see.

Places to go, people to see.

Who knows what I’ll wear next week? Who knows what class will be like next week? I’m sure I’ll wear something fun and equally sure the class will be great. What I set out to accomplish for the first class was 1) disrupt any preconceived ideas of what a professor “should look like,” 2) set the tone for a course in which I hope students will constantly evaluate stereotypes, assumptions, and long held beliefs and 3) have a dynamic conversation to get students thinking about important themes for the course. After a GREAT first class, I’d say mission accomplished.

Great first class....mission accomplished!

Great first class….mission accomplished!

I’m lucky to work in an environment where I can play around with professional dress norms. I hope this post encourages you to push the boundaries more and show as much personality/individuality in your work life as you do in your personal life.

The all stars  had to make an appearance. Oh the places we will go!

The all stars had to make an appearance. Oh the places we will go!

Do you wear fun outfits to work? Share them with us!

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Style Notes: A Warm Day in December

On my recent trip and solo thrift at a Goodwill in Hinesville, Ga. I found a treasure trove of dresses including this little vintage gem of a shirt dress that caught my eye. It is perfect for me in so many ways. From the puffy shoulders and sleeves to the primness of the just below the knee hemline., how many ways can you say love?!

The only thing that was bringing me down about the dress was it is unlined and a bit too thin for the cold we were enduring. I feared that I would have to stare longingly at it in my closet until spring, but a rare December day when temperatures easily reached mid-60s was my now or later moment. I was so psyched to wear it, but still decided to pair it with a turtleneck, and dark tights because it is still winter!


Ricks rocking a vintage dress that is in incredible condition and it cost *drumrollplease* $4.99!! Pick your jaw up or you will trip over your bottom lip.


Ricks paired the dress with a black turtleneck and tights because even though the weather was giving her early fall, the calendar says it is almost winter! Gray faux suede and blue platform pumps by Nine West were bought new from the Salvation Army for $14.99.


Ricks paired the dress with her signature glasses, gold tone accessories from Aldo, Forever 21 and Marshall’s.


Poppin collars…off to work!

Until next time…Keep it thrifty!

— R&R

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A season of thanks…

It’s the most wonderful time of year when we’re all preoccupied with friends, family, food and frolic. Thanksgiving ushers in a feeling of gratefulness and reflection, as we race toward the conclusion of another year. We here at Too Thrifty Chicks will take the time to savor these fleeting moments and hope you’ll do the same. Take time during the hustle and bustle of the season to slow down, breathe, turn inward and reflect. Make space for joy that can’t be bought.

And while you’re reflecting, take time to think a little bit about the nifty, thrifty looks that you can pull off this holiday season. And don’t forget to look for a post about ideas for gifting thrifted items.

Check out what Reese and Ricks wore to a conservative gathering and a more casual affair. Enjoy!

Getting ready for thanksgiving dinner. Needed to wear something comfortable and casual that would be acceptable for a more traditional setting. Love love love this green sweater I found at B-thrifty. I’m pretty sure it’s handmade.

Attended church service with my partner’s family. The church is on the conservative end, so I needed to dress appropriately for the venue without looking drab. Paired a gold shirt with a classic skirt (both thrifted), olive green tights, oxford heels, and a corduroy jacket.

A casual ensemble that travels well while riding in a car and effectively hides a food baby. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thrifted items: Gap jean jacket $5.99 and skirt $3.99.

Tell us how you hide your food baby during the holiday season of feasting that kicks off with Thanksgiving and lasts through New Year’s Day!


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Class is In Session: Our Day with Warby Parker

We promised we’d post a follow up about our Warby Parker adventure, so here it is!

If you’re not familiar with Warby Parker, you need to be. The company’s mission is twofold: to provide stylish, affordable glasses and to give a pair to someone in need whenever a pair is purchased through their website (Read more about their philosophy and business model here).

Based out of New York City, the company sells eyewear directly to customers through their website to keep the prices low. But if you live in Nashville, Atlanta, Dallas, LA, or San Diego, there’s good news. The Warby Parker School Bus is coming to you!

What is this school bus, you ask? WP staffers are currently traveling cross country on a tour called the Warby Parker Class Trip (#wpclasstrip for you instagramers and tweeters). They’ve taken a school bus and converted into a comfortable, unique showroom for their eyewear. Complete with a map of their trip, an old school radio, mirrors galore, and comfortable seating (the original seating was gutted), the WP bus is pretty awesome.

The bus will stop in each of these cities for a couple weeks, spreading the word about WP eyewear and building community with the folks who visit the bus (check out the schedule here). When the bus came to D.C., A. Reese first went alone while M. Ricks battled the sniffles. She spent about an hour on the bus, trying on several frames and just hanging out with Phineas and the other staffers. Of course it was only right for R&R to return together….and look fabulously stylist during the visit.

Check out what we wore:

A. Reese wanted to create a somewhat androgynous look for the day. Honestly, she’s somewhat obsessed with bowties and just wanted a reason to wear one. ๐Ÿ™‚ Here she’s wearing a red thrift blazer ($5.00), a wrinkle-free button down found in the boys’ section of a thrift store ($1.50), and a burgundy, blue, and gold striped bowtie ($1.00) paired with jeans. The frames she’s wearing on the left are from the Warby Parker collection.

Awesome shot of M. Ricks taking a pic of herself trying on frames. We’re serious about our eyewear. We think we like these! Did we mention that the bus is equipped with a photobooth? M. Ricks shows off our fun photos.

Full shot of A. Reese’s outfit. One of the best things about the folks at the WP bus (besides the fact that they’re knowledgeable) was they didn’t mind us using their props for our photoshoot! ๐Ÿ™‚

These are hands down some of A. Reese’s favorite shots from the day. M. Ricks poses near the WP photo booth. Photos converted to black and white to give an old school feel.

Full shots of M. Ricks’s outfit from her post about wearing this top in the day time. Who says you can’t wear sequins during the day? Great outfit that can easily go from day to night. Work in a more conservative environment? Trade the turquoise tights for dark ones or a suit. Sequin top was free.

We had a blast on the WP bus–so much so that we took way more pics than we could include in these collages. We’ll upload the others to our youtube channel later, so stay tuned.

If you’re in Nashville,ATL, Dallas, LA, or San Diego, get on the bus! WP is a cool company and the staffers are cool too. If you’re not in one of those cities, you can alway browse the website or try on frames at home for free. Check it out:

Until next time…