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A Thrifty Birthday + Give Away: The Too Thrifty Chicks Blog Turns 1!

Hi Gang!

We’re coming at you really quick to ask, “Do you know what today is?” It’s TTC’s birthday! We’re officially one today!!! happybirthdayGIF

On this day last year, this blog began — a few days after our very first thrifting adventure when we rode around Maryland suburbs on an overcast day looking for Columbus Day bargains at every Value Village we could get to. We spent hours — seriously like 5 plus hours — going through every rack with a fine tooth comb. By the time we came up for air and Indian food a friendship was born. A few days later, this blog was born. We never imagined this blog would become what it is. We were both simply looking for a creative outlet to share our writing and adventures. But through this blog, we’ve met cool people, gotten great encouragement, and deepened our offline bond.

To celebrate, we went out for Indian food and a little thrifting to celebrate. When you get a chance, we hope you’ll hit up the racks of your local thrift store in our honor.

We also decided we wanted to show our appreciation for one of our most loyal followers. Seriously, this lady comments on every posts and shares them regularly on her Facebook page. Everybody put your hands together and show TOSHA some much deserved love!


She’ll receive this studded top from Reese’s personal collection, and a pair of handmade

IMG_1311 IMG_1310

Everybody else, stay tuned. More give aways in November and more fun and adventures to come in this new year!

1043877_10101575920175405_815990422_n— R&R


Roommate Chronicles: Too Thrifty Chicks Move in Together

Everything happens for a reason. When Ricks mentioned she needed a roommate on the very same day I told my partner that I was thinking about looking for a roommate, everything clicked….like within a span of two days. We share similar values, interests, and work ethics (and not to mention we do a lot of stuff together), so why not try it? Too Thrifty Chicks have taken on another adventure: Merging two households into one.

If you know either of us personally, then you probably know that we are both really hard workers who wait until we feel inspired to do most things [read: we’re procrastinators]. I lived alone, which means I had acquired a lot of stuff that needed to be packed in a three day period. Though I was super excited about us living together, I was not excited about packing. Luckily, Ricks came over one night to help me get the ball rolling.

After our lovely Thanksgiving adventures in Philly, the real work began. Let me pause for a second and say this: I have the best partner a girl could ever ask for. He used his vacation to come to town to help me move. That’s love!

Anyway, he and I packed the U-haul (don’t be fooled. This smiley girl has muscles) and moved my life from one side of the DMV to the other.

Packing chaos. These pics don’t do it justice. I have a lot of stuff!

Turning a house into a home. It’s getting there.

When we got all my stuff into the new place, I was completely overwhelmed by the thought of unpacking it all. Ricks kept reminding me to think about one thing at a time (I think she knew I was on the verge of taking a nap to avoid the madness). We spent the day unpacking dishes, setting up bookcases, sorting through stuff to give away. By 7pm, we were exhausted. I don’t think anyone wanted to touch another box or reusable bag. But, all our hard work paid off. At the end of that first day, we had the semblance of a home with visions of how to make it reflect both of our styles and spirits.

Our living room and the art that we need to hang

Our living room and the art that we need to hang

Dining room and kitchen. We don't have much cabinet or counter space so we repurposed wire shelving to hold our cookbooks, spices, crockpot, and rice cooker.

Dining room and kitchen. We don’t have much cabinet or counter space so we repurposed wire shelving to hold our cookbooks, spices, crockpot, and rice cooker.

We’ve been roomies for about a week now, and we’ve already shared Chipotle twice, three bottles of wines, and many laughs as we made it rain on a video game. I’d say our roommate adventures are off to a great start. I’m so grateful that things always work out as they should.  In this season of thanksgiving, I am reminded that life is so much better when lived in community with others. Looking forward to laughing, living, and creating.

Stay tuned for updates on our DIY projects!