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Too Thrifty in Paradise: What I Wore on Vacay

After rocking and reeling on a boat, dancing on sandy beaches, and watching beautiful sunrises each morning, I’m back on the mainland! Did you miss me?! I had a peaceful vacation and now I’m ready to tackle the 1001 things I need to do, including this blog post. 🙂


I suck at packing. Seriously, I think I’m very close to the worst. And of course, hanging out with M. Ricks at the Critical Exposure event the night before my departure did not help my cause. We were supposed  to leave when the 2-hour event ended, but in true R&R style, we met new friends and stayed for coffee. So when 1AM on Thursday morning came and the only progress I’d made was a pile of “maybes,” I wasn’t at all alarmed or surprised. From that pile I managed to put some things together just in time to hang with M. Ricks before leaving.

Here’s a glimpse of what I wore:


This “top” isn’t really a top at all. It’s a scarf! I love the print of this scarf and it is long enough to tie. So I said to myself, “self…let’s try something with this.” I wore it over my bandeau swimsuit top and paired it with a a handmade floral print skirt I bought at a thrift store for $4.00. $5.00 scarf + $4.00 skirt=$9.00 awesomeness.


Close up of the scarf-top. Isn’t the print fabulous?! The sunglasses are from the Bebe factory store ($10.00) and I have no idea where the earrings came from. It was humid this day, so I rocked a puff instead of a fro because I didn’t have time to twist.  
…and of course the best accessory of all is a smile. Happy Days.


I paired this $3.00 top with a pair of denim shorts from Forever 21 plus a pair of red button earrings that cost $1.00. I was itchin’ for a dark lip color, so I popped into the MAC store in Nassau and purchased “Dramatic Encounter” lipstick (fitting, huh?!) and “Currant” lipliner. I love contrast, so the dark lip + white top gives me so much life! While frolicking in the Bahamas I met new friends! Love these two and their styles!

Interested in learning how to turn a scarf into a top? Let us know! We’ll do a video tutorial.

Embrace your creativity. Break the rules. Love every minute of it.

Ciao for now!

-A. Reese