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The Cosby Sweater


The Huxtables!

I can’t lie, I’m kind of a Cosby kid. I grew up watching The Cosby Show as a child and the fashionable Huxtable clan still holds some influence over the things that I like to wear, even to this day. Strange but true.


Denise Huxtable, a.k.a. Lisa Bonet, killing the fashion game.

I envied the fashion prowess of Denise Huxtable (a.k.a. Lisa Bonet) and would have surely raided my dad’s closet if he had been up on Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable’s sweater game. Since my dad is more of a sweatsuits and gym socks kind of dude, opportunities to raid his closet were rare. But thanks to the thrift store, I’m living the dream.


Dr. Huxtable, can you prescribe me two helpings of these sweaters?

Sweaters designed for women are sooo boring and as a girl with broad shoulders they fit me kind of weird too. Reese has the same problem. When I’m at the thrift store I love to find oversized sweaters because they allow me to layer — a necessity during these long winter months.  I live  for cozy knits with funky patterns, hence my decision to call them Cosby sweaters.

The Cosby Sweater: It completes me.

The Cosby Sweater: It completes me.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the boring lady sweaters head over to the men’s section and even the boys section on your next trip to the thrift store. My favorites are at least two sizes too big.

And don’t sleep on the cardigans of it all. My favorite Cosby sweater is a grandpa cardi with missing buttons in the most awkward places. I’m too lazy to put on new buttons and I think the missing ones give it the all important “character”.

The Cosby Cardi -- Make it work!

The Cosby Cardi — Make it work!

Even better, it’s starting to warm up. Chance’s are anything you’ll find is probably going to be on sale and you can stock pile for next winter.

— Ricks

What’s your favorite way to rock the Cosby sweater?

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A season of thanks…

It’s the most wonderful time of year when we’re all preoccupied with friends, family, food and frolic. Thanksgiving ushers in a feeling of gratefulness and reflection, as we race toward the conclusion of another year. We here at Too Thrifty Chicks will take the time to savor these fleeting moments and hope you’ll do the same. Take time during the hustle and bustle of the season to slow down, breathe, turn inward and reflect. Make space for joy that can’t be bought.

And while you’re reflecting, take time to think a little bit about the nifty, thrifty looks that you can pull off this holiday season. And don’t forget to look for a post about ideas for gifting thrifted items.

Check out what Reese and Ricks wore to a conservative gathering and a more casual affair. Enjoy!

Getting ready for thanksgiving dinner. Needed to wear something comfortable and casual that would be acceptable for a more traditional setting. Love love love this green sweater I found at B-thrifty. I’m pretty sure it’s handmade.

Attended church service with my partner’s family. The church is on the conservative end, so I needed to dress appropriately for the venue without looking drab. Paired a gold shirt with a classic skirt (both thrifted), olive green tights, oxford heels, and a corduroy jacket.

A casual ensemble that travels well while riding in a car and effectively hides a food baby. 🙂 Thrifted items: Gap jean jacket $5.99 and skirt $3.99.

Tell us how you hide your food baby during the holiday season of feasting that kicks off with Thanksgiving and lasts through New Year’s Day!



Style Notes: A Touch of Halloween at Work

I work in what would be considered a “creative environment,” so I pretty much wear what I want to work and this whimsical sweater and our nearness to Halloween, left me thinking, “Why not?” I totally thrifted this sweater from the boys’ section at B. Thrifty on the last excursion with A. Reese and layered it over a denim shirt from Old Navy.

No tacky Halloween pumpkins and loud colors here. The sweater has these small skull and cross bones, which aren’t really noticeable until you’re right up on me and the gray color makes it subtle and sophisticated.

Purple pencil skirt, re-purposed from a church lady suit that I once owned, blue green tights, black Nine West booties and accessories round out the look.

— M. Ricks

Do you ever shop in the boys’/ men’s sections at your fave thrift stores? Tell us about your finds and how you make them work! We might  feature you on our blog!