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Back from Hiatus: Operation Do Better Updates

The Thrifty Chicks have been on hiatus…did you miss us? We missed you! The last three weeks have been a whirlwind , and we needed to step back to take in all that the universe wanted to share. But we’re back now and need to catch you up! A lot happened in three weeks.

Good news: We did much better with eating out in May than we did in April. We did eat out (Reese spent $37 bucks on fast food, Ricks spent $59), but for the most part, we continued with our cooking and eating at home….which was a struggle. We’re still figuring out what we like to eat and how to manage the cooking in the warmer months, because mostly, neither of us have huge appetites. However, with our love of running, eating popsicles and cheese for dinner is not gonna work out too well.

Not so good news: We went to Target…and you know what happens when you go to Target  ::insert Home Alone face here::.   Most of what we spent went toward necessities, but I’m pretty sure neither of us needed those super cute running skirts we bought. I’m going to leave that right there.

Charitable giving: In addition to what each of us commits to giving to our church, we were also able to donate to one of our favorite DC-based organizations, Critical Exposure. The students showcased their work and led discussions about the school-to-prison pipeline at their end of year showcase, and they were phenomenal! So happy to support an organization that not only develops students’ artistic eye but also their critical thinking and desires for social change. If you don’t know about Critical Exposure, check them out:

Reese’s unexpected expenses: I needed to get work done on my car and that cost almost $800. I wasn’t trippin’ though. It’s amazing how less stressful these things are when you know you have the money in the bank. I also bought a last minute plane ticket. Sometimes you just have to hop on a plane and go see people you need to see.

Ricks’ unexpected expenses: I went to visit my family in Philly over Mother’s Day weekend, which was a planned expense, but I missed my return bus home and had to buy another ticket last minute. It was $14 but I was still peeved at myself because it was money I hadn’t planned to spend for the trip. I also had a last minute trip to Kansas for a workshop where there had to be an outlay of about $50 for food, most of which I will be reimbursed. When I travel I tend to buy charms and I lost a pair of my silver studs and replaced them, so I spent about $39 on jewelry.

Reese revisits wants vs. needs: I suspect this is a theme that will come up time and time again. To be honest, the type of tunnel vision I had in January has waned. Could be because of the warmer weather. Could be because rigidity makes me break out in hives (not really, but I think you get the point). Mostly, though, I think it’s because at any given moment, the line between wants and needs is blurred. I thought a lot about that this month as there were things I felt I really needed to not only be functional but also to live the type of life I want to live. For example, we spent Memorial Day weekend in the Shenandoah Valley area. For someone else, that may have been categorized as a want. For me, it was an absolute need and I knew it. My spirit was yearning to be away from the city, communing with nature in a place where I wouldn’t feel guilty about shutting out the rest of the world. I came back with clarity and energy. Both of those things are invaluable and were worth the money spent on the trip. I think the tunnel vision we had in January-March was completely necessary. It gave us a solid foundation upon which we could structure the lifestyle changes each of us are making. Without those months, we wouldn’t have paid off the debt we were able to pay or save as much as we did. Now, while we’re still saving and paying debts, the focus is on how to determine needs and wants at any given moment, because circumstances change. Needs and wants change with those.

Ricks’ two cents: I think we’ve lost a little of our intensity because we’ve achieved a lot of our goals. I paid off my BOA bill and was able to refinance my Discover card bill with a small personal loan with the help of the good folks at Lending Club. I’ve got a better interest rate and the loan will be paid off in three years (but sooner if I can help it). The loan also means I technically have NO CREDIT CARD DEBT! :: insert praise dance::: The trip to Shenandoah was very necessary for our spiritual well being if nothing else. I went on those hikes with problems and came back with solutions. Money well spent IMHO. I also spent about $50 on books.  All and all, I spent way less than I did last month and that is right on time because there are going to be some big changes coming this month. Stay tuned.

How are you doing with your saving, spending, and giving goals? Any new revelations? Share them with us…we’d love to hear them!

Until next time,