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Styling for a Winter Wedding

IMG_2592Sometimes I have moments when I have no idea what to wear. Last weekend my partner’s dad got married, and all he told me was “wear something you’d wear IMG_2598to church.” If you saw the 21st century church ladies post, then you know that left me with a wide range of possibilities. The wedding began at 5pm, so
technically that could be evening wear, but knowing what I know about my partner’s family, I didn’t think this would be a formal event.Therein lies the dilemma: IMG_2596how dressy is too dressy? How casual is too casual? I put together a last minute outfit that I think came together pretty well. I opted for a wool skirt and sweater tights, because it was cold and snowing. I didn’t want to be too drab in my color choices, so I paired the skirt with a light blue top, ruffly top (y’all know how much I love ruffles) and a brown jacket. When I finished dressing, I felt something was missing. I ran back up the stairs to my closet and pulled out a cummerbund. NICE! I like this. But then I looked at my shoes. Nope. I was wearing these yellow and tan shoes I found during a thrifting trip in ATL. Not gonna work. I switched into the best booties ever. Love the final product, because it has a little pop of color and formal wear.IMG_2594

When you’re unsure about what to wear, don’t fret. Go to your closet and find pieces that make you feel comfortable and well put together. At the end of the day, even if you’re “too dressy” or “not dressy enough,” as long as you look and feel confident in your clothes, no one will care.